Jiang Yang Lu Sheng, who was drinking wine on the street one day, did not feel drunk. The friend wanted to send him home, but he was pushed away by him, and he told him to continue drinking. After the friends were exhausted, he stumbled into his own home, and with a little instinct, he was able to barely distinguish between the north and the south.

He walked a few miles through the moonlight, and suddenly saw a woman with a graceful figure in front. Lu Sheng swayed and looked at the front, actually the village girl Aqiao. This Aqiao was very beautiful, Lu Sheng loved her since childhood, and also asked the matchmaker to mention the relatives, but later I did not know why, Aqiao suddenly hanged.


Lu Sheng was not awake, and he could not remember that A Qiao died. When I saw A Qiao’s heart and love, I went around and said the pain of Acacia. I was not angry when I laughed and laughed. But I passed him and went forward alone, and sometimes turned and waved at him. When Lu Sheng saw it, he followed it all the way. Not a moment, see the candlelight in front is faint, but it is a few tile houses.

A Qiao pushed the door in, Lu Sheng also quickly followed.

As soon as I entered the house, I saw that the house was brightly lit and the wall was decorated with flower-colored paper. There were two old people sitting in the hall, their hair was white, and they saw Aqiao’s face. Suddenly seeing Lu Sheng coming in, he said, my grandfather is coming? Lu Sheng was surprised, what a grandfather? No one else.


A Qiao came to the front and held his arm and said, son, this is my family's big brother, big uncle, the day before you asked someone to say the media, the father suspected that your family is poor, but the slaves admire the son's talent, willing to be with you for a hundred years. it is good. So I came to the Bogong family. After Bo Gong knew this, he was willing to marry him. Isn’t the son unwilling?

Lu Sheng heard that he was overjoyed, and the two men met in front of the church and joined each other in a new house on the side. There was a red candle in the room, and the book was fragrant, and there was a table of wine on the side of the bed. The two also drank a few cups, the sensation of love, the spring is infinite, and then went to bed, love!